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  • Rudra Linga- Ruby Banalinga (LIMITED EDITION)
  • Conch Shells (RARE COLLECTIONS)
  • Shivalinga-Banalinga (RARE COLECTIONS)
  • Spatik Ganesh
  • Spatik Shivalinga
  • Spatik Sriyantra
  • Spatik Gada
  • Trishul
  • Murgan Vel
  • Srie Connections is serving the society with of spiritual pooja goods. The Major area of business is into hindu religious products that include rudraksha, spatika, precious and semi-precious gems, conch etc., Srie Connections a niche in the sacred service provides a corporate professional service with all ethnic and traditional values at every level of business activity.

    Our Business is completely into e-service where we accept, understand the requirement of our valuable customers and provide our services thru the products required. We always try to have good quantity of stock; since the product and the nature of the products vary from every individual we understand the requirement and would supply with the exact required products.

    Trust, quality and fidelity are the thumb rule in every activity of our business, We wish to be one-stop-shop for the entire range of religious products. All of our items are back by our guarantee. All description of properties are always referred with sacred texts and or with sayings of sacred holy people and traditional histories.

    We mostly try to test and get certification for more and most of the products we deal with. Scientific approach without affecting the traditional and other unseen values is our culture. We respect the Effects of such are immeasurable by scientific standard. As devotees of God ourselves, we offer complete prayers on all items.

    We are doing a virtual business, Our Office location is in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and we are Registered Licence Holder of Shop and Establishment, Issued from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Labour, Thane as a Commercial Establishment under the B.S&C Act 1948.

    We wish to give our 100% always for our customer satisfaction. We believe in serving a handful of quality serviced customers instead of having thousands around globe and don't want to show self made testimonials. Word of reference is our Brand Image and we are focused in maintaining that at every possible level. We are into True Business and we Do what we commit.

    Our Product Ranges Include Rudraksha, Spatika, Shiv Lingams, Counch shells, Precious Gems, Semi Precious Gems etc.,. We make sure our Presence is there in the for all natural products from the source. For the products which needs further workman ship our supervision is always there so we are satisfied to the quality of workmanship and result.

    Being Niche we want to Procure and Provide you with what is Rare to get; so we have a special category of Rare Collections.

    If Spirituality is referred as a Higher Power an Awareness of Life`s Meaning; Humble-ly we submit that srie connections provide Value Addition Service to spirituality.

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