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  • Rudra Linga- Ruby Banalinga (LIMITED EDITION)
  • Conch Shells (RARE COLLECTIONS)
  • Shivalinga-Banalinga (RARE COLECTIONS)
  • Spatik Ganesh
  • Spatik Shivalinga
  • Spatik Sriyantra
  • Spatik Gada
  • Trishul
  • Murgan Vel
  • Limited Edition
    Spatik Linga Perpendicular Pendent Spatik Linga Horizontal Pendent Rudra Linga- Ruby Banalinga

    Rare Collections
    Conches Shells Shivalinga-Banalinga

    New Launch
    Spatik Gada Trishul Murugan Vel

    Spatika Idols

    Spatika Ganesh idol
    Spatika Lingam
    Spatika Sriyantra
    Spatika sri guru pathuka
    Other idols in spatika
    Semi precious idols

    Spiritual Chanting Beads and Malas

    Rudraksha Malas
    Spatika Malas
    Thulasi Malas
    Sandle bead Malas
    Red sandle bead Malas
    Lotus Bead Malas
    Navaratna Malas
    Precious stones Malas
    Semi precious stone Malas
    Rudraksha of different faces
    Yantras for puja-different forms, sizes
    Talisman yantras
    Conch - sankam right & left handed
    Other puja items...

    Precious Gem Stones

    Precious Gems
    Semi-precious Gems
    Precious/semi-precious gem Haram
    Navratnam Gem
    Navratna Gem Haram

    Semi-Precious Stones

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