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Our Products Spatika Lingha in Spatika Mala - Perpendicular Pendent
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    • spartiklinga Spartiklinga
    • spartiklinga Spartiklinga
    • Spartiklinga Spartiklinga

    Spatika mala can be used as a chanting mala as well as for wearing.

    We believe this will would be highly effective as a spiritual tool for chanting, adds value for focusing lord shiva in mind while chanting and converging the body, mind, soul to reach your set goal.

    • Spatika Beads -108
    • Pendent – Sri Maha Shiva Linga
    • Tied in Good Quality Nylon thread
    • Purpose – Chanting and also wearing

    In this Mala, Shivalinga is made kept in the mala in perpendicular form. The Edges are made soft so will be comfortable when wearing and while chanting.

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