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    Spiritual Benefits

    The three pronged javelin like weapon, depicts the there gunas according to our religious scriptures. They are-Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas:

    Sattwa is being pure, bereft of all impurities, this virtue is so immaculately pure that it emanates light and is also free of all types of sickness. It keeps the soul together with the Divine knowledge and happiness.

    Rajas means 'full of passion' and is born out of trishna or strong desire and sanga that is attachment. It binds the soul with attachments for worldly desires and gives us the impetus to take action towards the fulfillment of it.

    Tamas is the darkness and the crudness in mankind. It arises in humans due to their ignorance and conquers the soul with sleep, recklessness and indolence.

    The Trishul pierces this veil of ignorance and develops the quality of Sattwa so that one can purify one's mind and provide tranquility through right worship and knowledge. Now if you own a Quartz, Spartika or a Crystal Trishul, which could be even as small as a couple of inches long, would help you in the path of gaining the Right Knowledge - Sattwa. And this knowledge would aid you in your passage of becoming an exact yogi through practice and devotion, surrendering yourself to God completely by performing your duty in a detached manner. The splendour of Goodness would envelope your entire being, bringing you joy, satisfaction, contentment, courage, forgiveness and complete freedom from fear. Conquest of ego and all malices of the world is the only Truth. Thus you would embark on the journey of the Eternal Religion, egging you towards renunciation.

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