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    • Murgan Vel
    • Murgan Vel
    • Murgan Vel

    Alls’ Vel ! Alls’ Vel !

    Effective powers

    The shining Vel of Lord Murugan signifies the power of wisdom and the blessing of his mother Parvati who wanted her son to be victorious over the demon led by Surapadma. This instrument has exceptional strength and the divine power and is also known by the names of Vira Vel or Sakti Vel. It serves as a protection against cruelty and atrocity in any form. It is believed to dominate over chaos and bring about order, peace and prosperity. It also signifies that Lord Murugan would come to the aid of any devotee who has beckoned him in distress.

    Spiritual Benefit

    Lord Murugan is a yogic grace of Lord Shiva and his wisdom of His third eye to see through an illusion. The Vel depicts the Para Sakti, the Highest Shakti which is within oneself, when called upon, shatters all illusions and helps the person to see beyond the world of this Maya. The Vel stands for the unison of the Jnana Shakti of Lord Shiva and the Para Shakti of Paravati, forming the Divine Knowledge. Thus the Vel denotes the pursuit of the aspirant’s thirst for spiritual knowledge which is pure, and in doing so cleanses the Mind of its impurities.

    Spiritual Value

    We can draw a paradigm of the Lord Murugan and his Vel between the evolution of the Spirit and achieving Moksha. Using the routine life energies (Sakti) the individual discovers his True divinity (Shiva) and his unison with the Ultimate Truth. Possession of the Vel can help us in the process of attaining the complete knowledge of the cosmos, its Union with the Divine and the maintenance of the perfect balance of the Universe. The Vel is also an instrument to destroy the Ego, which is camouflaged and ultimately the soul is liberated from all its ignorance.

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